Using /restart multiple times delays response

I have a conversation that triggers /restart multiple times. but after several for example 30 /restart triggers the response is delayed by multiple times (sometimes taking 12 secs for one response) is this some kind of bug. I think rasa should delete the previous conversation every time I use /restart and should start a fresh conversation then why am I experiencing this delay

Hi saibharani,

rasa slowing down when the tracker gets bigger is a known issue and we’re working on it. Sorry about this.

About /restart though, this does not reset the tracker. The bot will behave as if it is a fresh conversation but the previous events are still stored.

ok is there any other way we can reset the complete conversation. Once I use /restart I don’t want any previous events stored in the memory. If we achieve to delete events in the list after using /restart will it help increase the speed of rasa to normal level.

I think i found a temperory workaround using this HTTP API to replace the events of a user

Great that you found a solution. You could also overwrite the ActionRestart class to do what you want (or create another custom action for it)

I created a custom action to trigger the events replacement API but I think its better if rasa adds a /reset option also. Which deletes the full conversation and starts a fresh conversation instead of keeping a track in the background which is delaying the response time alot.

Hi Sai,

@saibharani Can you please elaborate how we can reset events once the chat ends?