How to restart the conversation?

For example , i want buy a ticket and then I want to buy another ticket .,how can i restart the conversion to clear the contents of the slot.i need refill the slot (destination,name,time。。。。)I tried the action_restart ,but It has no effect,and how can i reset the tracker?

action_restart will reset the tracker, can you try the latest master of rasa_core? we recently pushed a fix to the restart event being present in stories

thanks i do it now i copy the code (ActionRestarted()) in rasa——core to my …and before i only use action-restart in it seems like don/t running

How can you reset the conversation for a sender_id after a certain period of time? I have a trackerStore set up on MongoDB but am not sure how to “refresh” the conversation after a day?

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Actually, at the first time you buy the ticket. You fill in the column: number of ticket- 2 and then press enter. Don’t worry about that. This is the advice from mantigames community.