How initiate dialog with the user by a third party (external event)?

I have the following structure: there is a third party (an admin managing the external web-site). He needs to be able to initiate a conversation between rasa and client (via Twilio, but I guess this doesn’t matter).

So my idea was that admin action would post a trigger_intent to rasa API, which would initiate conversation. But how I can ‘pass’ this conversation to a user? So basically what I need is to ‘say’ to Rasa - if you get this intent, start the conversation via this channel. I know there is a CallBackInput, which makes Rasa post to another channel than that where the initial request comes from, but I can’t figure out how to make Rasa post some extra info that would help to identify which specific user was meant.

Hm, the normal use case for the proactive actions involves sending a notification to a user who already is talking to the bot. In this case, you’d have to start the conversation from the 3rd party. In that way you’d need a way to make sure that the 3rd party is specifying the sender ID in a way that will be handled by the output channel. Is that possible?

If so, yes, you should be able to do this via intent triggers.