Start Bot with Action

Hey there, I had a question on how to start a conversation with the bot asking a question rather than a user initiating the question. So for example:

bot : Hi I’m bot, what is your name? User responds…

So I dont want the user to say hi first rather the bot start the conversation. How do you do this in rasa?

Hi @sks8100,

You can manage it by front end. Before conversation on icon click of bot icon you have to send initial message of Hi.

what if you wanted the bot to do all the questions and have the user answer? can that be done in the backend?

Hi @sks8100 ,

You can Invoke an External Intent to achieve this, with curl command you just have to dump your external_intent and respective action to that intent will be displayed to the targeted user’s chat.

Here is the link from where you can take reference. External Intent

Yes , even if you want to run any specific event you can use rasa API.

Here is a reference for you.

There’s action_session_start that you can override to initiate your session in a different way. link

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