Triggering an intent exernally: Do I only need conversation_id to trigger an intent on behalf of that particular user?

After reading Rasa’s documentation on triggering an intent, if I understand it correctly, I only need to have conversation_id to act on behalf of this user right? (like after running rasa shell --conversation-id user1, I would send the post request somewhere else with conversation_id = ‘user1’). If so, how would this not be a security problem? If not, what else would I need? I tried sending a request on behalf of user2 but I got this error: InvalidURL: Invalid URL 'http:/': No host supplied

For some context, I’m trying to write a chatbot that send real-time updates of stock price changes using an external API for a number of registered people. Whenever the API changes its content it will automatically send that info to those users. If I plan to integrate on Whatsapp, what more credentials would be required?


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@throwawayaccount just checking can you use localhost instead ? even can you check the with postman too.

Even when I change to localhost it still doesn’t do anything. Do I need to add something in endpoint.yml

Here is the request:

headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
params = (('output_channel', 'latest'),)
data = '{"name": "ask_for_update", "confidence": 1.0}'
for conversation_id in conversation_ids:
    response =
        f"http://localhost:5005/conversations/{conversation_id}/trigger_intent", headers=headers, params=params, data=data)

I saved all of the conversation_id (the registered users) so only those can get the update.