How can I put existing files onto Kubernetes cluster

Hi community,

I had been working on a project using Rasa x local mode that involves a spaCy NLP model. However, when I install Rasa X with Quick-Installation, it failed to synchronize with my working folder, which prompted me to download the missing spaCy model en_core_web_lg that I had already downloaded in my working directory. So I would like to ask:

  1. Is it possible to synchronize my working environment (spaCy, spaCy models) onto Rasa X Kubernetes cluster? If so, how can I do it?

  2. If the above action is not possible, how can I install spaCy and download the nlp models onto the cluster environment so that I can migrate all my work to Kubernetes?

As I am new to the community, I hope you won’t mind if I had asked silly questions! Thank you in advance!

Quick & Helm Install do not use local files :slight_smile:

You should connect to a GitHub repo containing your files. You can do so on Rasa X.

Please read the docs for more info.

Try doing a custom helm chart deployment as explained at rasa-x documentation and include your own externalClaim or extraVolumes in the values.yml file.

@earroyoh I cannot find my values.yml file. Given that I have just created my cluster using Quick-Installation, where can I find the file?

I am sorry I did not read the instructions carefully, I should create my own values.yml. However, I am not sure where I can put my custom packages (such as spaCy and its NLP models). Do you have any idea?

You can get it from rasa-x github repo..

Thank you @earroyoh for your help.

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