RasaX not responding in Kuberneters cluster @ Docker

I have deployed Rasa X on Kubernetes cluster on the cloud, I have a working model in local but when trying to do interactive conversation in deployed

, it never responds back and stuck at this screen, any ideas why it would be like that?


hi @rasaBro ! Are you sure you have a model uploaded and active in the k8s cluster? Can you please show a screenshot of the models page?

hi @amn41 Thanks for responding. I think it is because I am using custom spacy model which is of size 2.5 GB. It cannot git push such a big file, could you please tell me any way to enable rasax in such scenarios ?

hi @rasaBro - your spacy model shouldn’t be checked into git. A better approach would be to install the spaCy model and include it in your docker image so it’s already available

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