Help to create multilingual bot using rasa

I am creating a chatbot. I need to support multiple languages. Is it possible to create multiple languages in single Rasa environment. How to combine the models for using Rasa run command

Hi @vinothkumart! The recommended way to support multiple languages in Rasa is to run two Rasa NLU servers and one language-agnostic core. In this video you can find a more detailed explanation of how this is done.

Do you have some explanations on how to do this language-agnostic core ?

@aloizel “Language-agnostic core” basically just means that you don’t need to care about different languages in your stories. Just write them as you usually would when using only one language.

To make it possible to uses the same stories for multiple languages, you need to make entities language-agnostic, too. This is explained in the video starting at 9:16

Yes, but how does the stories know which language it need to look for ? Is it by a custom policy or something else ?

@chkoss sorry but how should I handle the domain to have both english and french utterance with the same name ?

Hi @aloizel, I wrote a reply to your question in this thread, because that makes it easier to find for others with the same question.