Create multilingual bot / N26 way to do it

Hello there,

I am implementing a Chatbot using Rasa core with my own NLU. The thing is I want it to be multilingual. I’ve seen N26 video and I don’t get how to make a language-agnostic core.

How to use only one file and keep the same name on the utterance for each language as he does ? (e.g : all our french utterances have the same names than the english utterances so I can keep the same

  • Is he using custom actions to utter the correct language ?
  • Is he using slots to specify a domain file ?
  • Other ?

How is he doing, or what’s the good way to do it ?

Thanks for your help

Hi, a good way to provide the responses is to not put them into the domain but move response generation out of Rasa Core to your own NLG service. This docs page describes how to set up such a service.

If you have any further questions on this approach, let me know.