Any Success Developing Polyglot Bots?

I’ve been looking through what I can of discussions about handling multiple languages, but I have a slightly different question, I believe. I want to train a bot to use two (probably just two) languages simultaneously to teach someone another language. So, for example, a Spanish speaker wants to learn French with the bot. For the beginning conversations the bot will have mixed Spanish and French responses (but eventually work to just French).

Can anyone provide me some guidance on this as I bumble my way into trying this? My initial thought is that I could simply have intents that contain text from both languages, and then be creative in the use of stories, and in this case give anticipated Spanish-speaking errors for learning French, and then at some point use checkpoints to work the user to a French only mode (from which the technical aspects are less complicated).

Hi @BigDave641. That’s a very interesting use case! We have a community member William who worked on a project similar to what you are looking for. He gave a talk on it during the Rasa Developer Summit 2019. I think it would give you some interesting ideas for you project. Here is a recording of his talk.

Thank you, Juste. I’l check it out!