Help needed ! How to allow the chatbot to display options for user to select

Hi I am new to Rasa ! and i am working on the requirement to create a chat bot using rasa, Now i need help on how to allow the chat bot to display the list of options so that user can type answer

for eg Bot : how severe is your headache option1 : Mild Option 2: Moderate option 3: severe

but currently i have defined these values in my domain file under slots and templates i am not getting the desired result ! pls help

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Here ‘utter_confirm’ is a template in domain file in which there are 2 buttons Correct & Incorrect. ‘payload’ is used for matching of the intent.

In your case, buttons can be ‘mild’,‘moderate’,‘severe’ and its respective payloads can be matching intents.


This is the output of buttons if you are running ‘rasa shell’


This is the output of buttons if you are running ‘rasa x’

Thanks @varunsapre10

currently my structure in domain file been

slots: symptom: type: text sideeffect: type: text Severity: type: categorical values: - Mild - Moderate - Severe

utter_askSeverity: - text: “Can you explain the level of the severity of your symptom,choose any one of these” buttons: - title: “Mild” payload: “/Confirm_severity{“Severity”:“Mild”}” - title: “Moderate” payload: “/Confirm_severity{“Severity”:“Moderate”}” - title: “Severe” payload: “/Confirm_severity{“Severity”:“Severe”}”

is this fine to proceed with or am i missing some thing , also i have defined my conversations in templates , is that actions file is mandatory apart from this

I’m not able to understand the indentation here in the forum. Try running and then reply with a screeshot if any errors.

The actions file is mandatory if you have a custom action, if not then it is not mandatory.

below is my domain template format

story snippet image

output :its not been taken up bot , means the question is been skipped and moved to thanks

did you add ‘utter_confirm’ to the action list in domain file? Also, run the action server this time.

yes i added in my domain file under actions , sry can you explain me how to execute action server , i am completely new to rasa

You can execute the action server by ‘rasa run actions’ and then in another terminal ‘rasa shell’ or ‘rasa x’.

EDIT : After the ‘utter_confirm’ you should check if any of the intent from mild,moderate,severe is met or not. ex:

  • check_severity
    • utter_confirm
  • mild OR moderate OR severe
    • utter_xyz

This shows how when utter_confirm is executed, if ‘correct’ intent is met, then ‘action_xyz’ is performed.


This shows the payloads that i have used which should be similar to the intent. if correct is my intent then that should be my payload as well.


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Kindly refer Actions for more info on the usage of actions.

Thanks @varunsapre10 ! issue been resolved