Buttons and SLots

Hi Guys,

i am trying to craete a simple Bot where the user will be only answering through button selections, i want to save the data that user is selecting in a output file in Json format , can anyone help me with examples if any.

Thanks in Advance. Pausali

Hi @pausali.biswas, you need to specify buttons in the response

- text: "ok making a reservation for restaurant? "
    - title: "thank you"
      payload: "thank you"

and you need to code your front end according to it. on button click, you need to pass the message thank you to chatbot

are you telling me to write a custom code or custom actions for the same and then take output in the JSON file? if yes let me know i have written the code i can share but this is giving me a parse error. utter_impactchoose:

  • text: “Sure! Please help me with few of the details! Choose the impact from the following” buttons:
    • title: “1- Extensive/Widespread” payload: ‘/impact{impact_entity}’ Impact is my intent and impact_entity being my entity. following is my intent: