Chat-bot is not working when multiple user uses it

Hello, I have prepare a chat-bot using rasa and i have made sure to complete it with all dependent module as a chat-bot necessarily requires in it. my action server is working fine i guess, as well as i integrated it with a staging web-site also and it is integrated successfully.

It is functionally all good when i use it on my local as the rasa server i developed is on local only but when multiple user tests the functionality of the chat bot , it response in uncertain way. As I have trained it well on interactive mode.

what i presume is that when i deploying it on a website it is not responding as it should be. so please help me in the same.

I am using latest version of rasa i.e 2.3.x

What is the sender id you are sending to Rasa through your web-integration? Is it different each time?

@snek i don’t quite understand what you actually referring because i’am new to rasa and its my first time doing such project. can you explain me a little more how can i check about sender id? attaching the script i added to my html and then i added this script to my final webpage html

and for integrating the bot to the web i follow this blog

Sorry! Sure, I can explain. Rasa differentiates whom it’s speaking to using the sender_id. So I was wondering if the weird behavior was caused by Rasa thinking it’s speaking to the same person when they are actually multiple people (and because they have the same sender_id, so Rasa thinks they are one person).

I am assuming the integration you are using is sending out unique sender_ids when new conversations are started.

Could you give some examples of the weird behavior vs how the bot behaves while you test it?

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@snek Thanks for replying so thoroughly, yeah i can explain it, it behaves weird as in it is not following the story path and responding other utterance for a respective intent and also after breaking the story line its stop responding anything. like no response is being coming from bot’s end. and i’am not sure if i have given any parameter to describe sender id in any file of the model.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to help if you don’t tell us exactly how the behaviour is strange. Some reasons for strange behaviour could include poorly classifying intents or entities, not having enough stories to correctly predict the next action, etc.

One way to understand why things are happening the way they are is to check the logs while conversations are happening. Could you show us the logs of a problematic conversation?

sorry if i’am unable to explain it, but when i’am using it on my local system where my rasa server i’am using with this rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors "*" --debug command. and action server in another terminal with rasa run actions --actions actions -vv command it is working great , but when i share the web credential to test it , it is not following the correct story line and breaking the story for example if one intent should enable a action to utter something it is enable the form action ,and after a while stop responding at all.