Handling multiple greet


I am new to RASA and trying to get familiar with it using RASAX. I have a problem understanding how RASA handles repeated intents. For example, if I greet the bot multiple times, it does not respond. I have a simple story like this


  • greet
    • utter_welcome


Register Warranty


  • register_warranty
    • utter_enter_serial_number



check_user_input check_good_bye

  • good_bye
    • utter_goodbye
    • action_restart

When I start a conversation and say Hi, the bot responds as expected, but if I say Hi again, it responds with default_fallback. How can I handle such situation? Also if the user says “Hi” in middle of the conversation, the bot responds with fallback. I want it respond with proper utterance whenever a particular intent is detected.

Take a look at the “generic interjections” section of the tutorial here: https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/user-guide/building-assistants/#generic-interjections . I think using the Mapping policy to always answer user greet with utter_greet would be good in your case (no matter how many times) and then carry on with the rest of your dialogue flow as in your stories :slight_smile:

Thank you… That make sense :slight_smile: I’ll try

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