Need help from someone on bot responses

Like if my domain.yml file contans templates as:



  • text: “Hi, How can I help you?”
  • text: “Hello, How may I help you?”
  • text: “Hey, How may I help you?”

so after training NlU part and Dialogue model part. if the input intent is greet. the Bot picks one from utter_greet texts as a response. But here I need the bot to give all the three texts in a list/Array as a reaponse,something like [“Hi, How can I help you?”,“Hello, How may I help you?”,“Hey, How may I help you?”].

thanks in advace.

You can try to have three utterances as your story

* greet
- utter_hi
- utter_hello
- utter_help

Won’t this work?

@souvikg10 thanks for the reply. That wont solve my problem, I want all the three text as a list in the response. The way you described give only one response among the three types of utterances.

If i am not wrong nd you want all three response, you have to save in three different utterance and then call it in story

@neerajb1 Thanks yaar :slight_smile: for the clarification.

@souvikg10 Sorry yaar for misunderstanding your solution. That did help. Thank you for the solution.