Guidelines for organizing a local community chapter in your area

Interested in starting the local Rasa community chapter in your area? We have some guidelines for you!

Community meetups and user groups are the best places to meet your fellow Rasa community members, exchange ideas and learn new things. If you would like to start a new local community chapter or meetup in your area, we have a little guide for you on where to get started and how to make sure that your chapter into something big and awesome! These guidelines are just best practices and you don’t have to follow all of them, but we hope it’s going to encourage you to start the local Rasa community chapter in your area and grow it into something big!

:hammer_and_wrench: Setting up the local community chapter

  • Create a chapter on It is one of the best platforms to create meetups or user groups, announce the events, manage RSVPs and stay in touch with your local community.

  • Let us and everyone inside the community know about your new community chapter by posting about it on the Rasa Community Forum. We have a category for local Rasa communities so make sure to create a thread for your local Rasa community chapter as well!

  • Let people at Rasa know about your user chapter! Tag Rasas on your posts on the Rasa forum or share updates about your user group on social media and tag @RasaHQ.

:speech_balloon: Spreading the word about your local community chapter:

  • Share the updates about your user group on social media and tag @RasaHQ

  • Make sure to post about it on the Rasa Community Forum so that entire Rasa community would know about the exciting things that are happening in your community chapter!

:spiral_calendar: Organizing the first event:

  • Set the date and time for the event. Usually, Tuesday - Thursday after 6:30 pm are the best dates and times to host an event, but it can vary depending on the location and event type.
  • Find the venue. In some areas, provides a feature which allows booking open venues for small meetups. Another good way to start looking for a venue is posting about it on your social media or community forum!
  • Create the event on your community’s page
  • Find the speakers. Rasa community is big and there are so many great developers working on interesting Rasa projects so don’t hesitate to post a call for speakers on the Rasa forum!

:alarm_clock: Before the event:

  • Update the event with the information about the speakers: name, title, topic
  • Send out the reminders to the attendees and remind people to RSVP
  • Double check with the venue hosts regarding any facilities you will need during the meetup (wifi, projector, etc)

:rocket: Make your community chapter last and grow:

  • Be consistent with the events.
  • Give a chance for people from your community to give talks and share ideas
  • Play around with the format of the meetup - workshops, lightning talks, discussions are great ways to keep the audience interested and engaged
  • Stay engaged with the community by sharing pictures of the events, gathering feedback from the attendees.

Most importantly have fun! If you need more help or if you have questions, always feel free to share them with us by posting them on the forum! :slight_smile: