Rasa Community in San Francisco

Hey everyone!

Do we have Rasa Community members in San Francisco? I am sure we have! :slight_smile:

We now have a brand new Rasa User Group in San Francisco and we are planning to have some really cool events there in the near future! If you are based in SF or surrounding areas, make sure to join this group and keep an eye on upcoming events! https://www.meetup.com/Rasa-User-Group-San-Francisco/

I am interested in a branch meetup in San Diego.


To all Rasa User in San Francisco: we are hosting the very first Rasa User Group SF meetup in two weeks. If you are in the area, make sure to RSVP and join us!

Rasa User Group SF Meetup #1 | Meetup

Yesterday we had the very first Rasa User Group meetup in San Francisco! We had a very nice crowd of Rasa users who joined. Huge thanks to @josh.converse for doing such a great presentation on his Rasa project! :star_struck: I am looking forward to seeing Rasa Community in SF growing big! Check out some pics of the event and I hope to see you all in upcoming meetups!

Interested in San Diego as well!

@Juste @alexweidauer, Can we get some support on starting a RASA meetup group or local community in SD? thanks,

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@jane_wang Hopefully more people from SD will join up, we are in the golden triangle area. Should get a Rasa Happy hour or something

I have been troubleshooting, cutting/pasting old Rasa files to work with Rasas new formats, using older examples, editing tabs/spaces, It’s been a rather extensive learning experience!


Hey @jane_wang and @jane_wang ! So great to see we have community in San Diego! It would be amazing to have local meetup group there. Would you be up for starting such a group? I have created an issue on our Contribute to Rasa project. It would be a great contribution to Rasa and we would be happy to help you along the way!

Hey Rasa users in Bay area :hugs: At the end of this week I am coming to San Francisco to speak at PyBay and after the conference we are organising a get together for the Rasa community members! Come along, meet more Rasa team as well as your fellow community members and chat about all things Rasa :slight_smile: More info: PyBay x Rasa Community SF - Get Together | Meetup

hey it’s over a year since the first meetup, wondering if you are going to do another one? @Juste or are there other SF meetups where people using rasa congregate?


Hi @dcsan. The Rasa meetup in San Francisco is definitely coming back! We will update everyone on that quite soon :slight_smile:

hey are the slides posted anywhere from the last SF meetup?

@jane_wang Are you still working on Rasa?