Community Meetup Guidelines & Event Kit

Hey everyone,

We have updated our Community Meetup Guidelines for online events, including new graphical templates and slides to support you in promoting your event and focusing on other important organizational aspects.

If you’re thinking of organizing a community event or running a community chapter, this kit is designed to help you get started!

Simple steps to set up your event

  1. Draft an agenda for your event and get in touch with potential speakers.

  2. Create a chapter group on and share this with the Rasa community on our forum. It’s one of the best platforms to create meetups or user groups, announce the events, manage RSVPs and stay in touch with your local community and beyond.

  3. Set the date and time. Ensure that the speakers, co-organizers and if it’s an in-person event, the preferred venue are available. If you’re hosting your event online, be sure to do a technical test prior to your event with your hosting software and hardware.

  4. Create an event inside your chapter group, update it with the information about the speakers: name, title, topic. Be sure to announce it to the chapter group and remind attendees to RSVP!

  5. Share your event on the Rasa community forums in the Rasa community in your area section, social media and in other conversation AI communities.

Assets and branding

You can access and download these assets here in this Google Drive.

To support you in promoting your event and focusing on other important organizational aspects, we have prepared a package of assets for you including;

  • Assets for
  • Social Media
  • Slidedeck
  • Logo/ Avatar


How to use this Rasa Community Slide Template: (expand)

How to use this Rasa Community Slide Template:

  1. If you use the title slides, you must edit your chapter name/location.
  2. You may “skip” any of the following slides, the slides on the contributor program are optional, however, we very much appreciate you spreading the message!
  3. Feel free to add your slides to this deck and let your own personality shine through!

Please do not:

  • Alter the shape, aspect ratio, colors or add filters or effects to any of the graphics provided by Rasa in this template.
  • Manipulate the Rasa logo in any way.
  • Change the font.

Whom to invite

Conversational AI enthusiasts regardless of their background and experience!

Where to host your event

Online Events

  • Zoom Meeting is a fantastic option for smaller meetups, at the basic level you can host up to 100 participants and hold up to a 40-minute group meeting.
  • Zoom Webinar is a little more pricey, you have to enable this feature within zoom and choose between 100/300/500/1000 maximum participants.
  • YouTube Live & Twitch - You could also choose to stream your event to a popular platform and interact with your participants via the live chat! ༼ つ ^ _ ^ ༽つ
  • There are other platforms you can also explore, such as Hopin, Google Hangouts (looking for more suggestions!)

In-person Events

Please take precaution and stay informed on meetup event policies in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

In some areas, provides a feature which allows booking open venues for small meetups. Another good way to start looking for a venue is posting about it on your social media or community forum! This could be a classroom, coworking space or a spare office room.

Don’t forget: seating, Wi-Fi, power supply!

If you decide to provide food and drinks, remember to account for food allergies, preferences, and local alcohol consumption laws (if alcohol is served).

If you don’t plan on serving any food/drinks, that’s also fine! Just be sure to make that clear on your event invitation so guests can prepare accordingly.

Agenda Sample

  • Welcome - Welcome everyone to the event, share a bit about yourself, let attendees know when’s the best time to as questions, announce the catering and facilities at your venue.
  • Introduce the event - Give everyone a recap of your planned agenda and format.
  • Talk, workshop, demo #1 - Dive into the content of your event, you don’t have to limit this to a talk. If you want to host a workshop, we suggest use most of your allocated time on the hands-on segment.
  • Open Q/A - Allow your attendees to ask questions to your speakers.


There are so many great developers working on interesting Rasa projects so don’t hesitate to post a call for speakers on the Rasa forum!

Promote your event and spread the word!

Encourage your attendees to post pictures on social media, just be mindful that some people may prefer not to have their picture taken.

You can share the updates about your user group on social media and tag @RasaHQ

Sample text for your Rasa Community Chapter

This is a Rasa community <CITY> chapter. We host meetups for Rasa users and everyone who is interested in open source conversational AI and chatbots. The main goal of this group is to have a place where Rasa community in <CITY> can meet, talk about their projects and experiences using Rasa and building intelligent assistants.

This group is open to all conversational AI enthusiasts regardless of their background and experience. If you are a beginner - join this group and attend the events to learn more about Rasa and conversational AI, if you are a hands-on Rasa user and work on interesting projects - join this group and attend the events as a speaker!

We are happy to have you in this group and we are looking forward to seeing you in upcoming events! If you haven’t done so, make sure to join the global Rasa Community on


Other chapter examples

If you have any questions at all on this guide or getting started with events, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you and guide you along the way. :slight_smile: