Group Chat Bot Dialogue Manager


I am writing my master thesis about group chat bots in telegram with rasa.

I build a custom channel where I could separate each user in the group chat.

At the moment I have a rasa bot in a telegram group and can let it communicate with every user separately. Now I try to use the dialogue manager/dialogue policies to let the bot decide when it need to listen to both users and when to only one. (Or if this is not possible I need to build my own dialogue manager)

I wanted to ask if anybody knows about any research or projects about multiple inputs or group chat bots with rasa? So that I can read into the topic.

I read that some people are planning to do such a things with rasa but couldn’t find any results.

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You can use the sender_id to separate the users and assign them to groups if you want. Maybe create a group slot that is used in your stories based on the type of user.

I did something similar. Thank you for your fast response.