Getting double answers from the bot

Hello everyone, My bot is sending double answers for all my questions. Any ideas ?

Thank you,


We’ll need waaaaay more information than just that one sentence, Achmed. I have no idea what’s going on with your bot because I have no info about it. Here’s a couple of questions:

  • When does it occur exactly? Do you have the story?
  • It might be a conflict with another story. Can we see your stories file?
  • what does the debug mode say when you test the stories?
  • Do you have any custom actions running?

Thank you Remy,

I don’t any issue with my stories, unfortunately i can’t post my stories file , i’m working on a enterprise project that’s not possible.

I’m just getting the bot answering 2 times for each question for all templates.

I understand that it can be sensitive data. Unfortunately, I still don’t know what is going on in the back-end. I’ll need the debug logs for that. So we can do 2 things. You can either PM me the log file (run the bot wit the --debug flag) so I can discretely take a look at it, or, if you don’t dare to send the logs to me, you can try sending it to the RASA staff.

Hey Remy, This is my debug from terminal just after launching my bot. Thank you in advance

OK, so I can see that you have a form that’s activated. The FormAction handles all the utters. I don’t know what your story looks like, but I assume the FormPolicy is uttering the same thing as an utter you have in the stories.

So how can i fix that ?

remove the extra utters from your stories

Thank you. In my stories, I do not have any utters. It’s managed in my FormAction (

Thank’s a lot.