Bot not responding according to given chatflow /story

Hello everyone, I’m not able to get a response from the bot according to the story given I have tried tweaking with the configuration but it didn’t help. Please help me solve this issue . Thank you

@Venkat can you please share some files or scenario screenshot?

This is the screenshot of the stories file .

and this is the logs of the debug console :

If you observe the highlighted text in the debug console it says “predicted action_listen based on user intent” but if you observe line 45 in the first screenshot the bot was supposed to respond with " utter_ask_again" instead of “action_listen”

@Venkat why you have a space with every syntax? actions : ??? just checking basics, can you sort that out please and try run. It can’t be the solution but still and please update the above screenshot when updated?

@nik202 but line 45 contains an action

@nik202 I tried renaming the slots but it didn’t work

@nik202 actually line 45 is action: utter_ask_again , the slot is mentioned in line 48

@Venkat check this : Stories | Training Data Format

@nik202 I went through the link you sent , but I couldn’t find any syntax errors

@Venkat check again the file for this story.

@nik202 I checked the file again . no bugs found.

@Venkat you should check how to use requested_slot.