Rasa is mixing up responses

Hello, I am developing a chatbot using rasa and botfront but I am having a few errors that I can’t really explain why they happen. Currently, I have around 200 simple questions (user asks a question and bot responds a simlpe line). The only difficulty is that I am checking in almost every question a slot (I am developing a turistic guide with 4 main places which are my slots so that the bot only responds questions about the place the user is in).

However, recently I’ve been asking question about simple FAQs (tickets, schedule, capacity…) but the bots answers me with a response from another intent (maybe about info about when the place was builded). The interestin thing is that when I check if the bot interpreted another intent, it doesn’t, it received the ticket intent, or schedule, but the response the bot gave was from another question.

The only lead I have is that maybe responses’ id are not generating different from each other and then the bot is mixing them up, but I didn’t cath any duplicated id. Also, it is happening that a few responses are apparently always charging, but even if I redo them, they come back looking the same after training.


Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much.

@belendominguez Are you confident with the code? If yes then delete the older train model(all) re-train and run, secondly, check you stories or rules, follow step by step process.

Okay, I’ll try that and will be runing tests in a few days (I don’t have much time this week), thank you so much :slight_smile:

@belendominguez Try see other process of FAQs rather then slot (2@@) its a lot. Do check other repose how they are fetching the data from google or excel or database. Goodluck!