Rasa behaving differently on CentOS server versus locally


I am dealing with a rather unusual problem that I don’t quite understand. Maybe someone can help.

Have a trained bot locally that is supposed to ingest a question, ask for additional info that is saved in a slot, and take a specific action, plus send a response back to the user based on both the question and the additional info.

The bot follows this flow perfectly in a local environment, however when deploying to a server (in this case CentOS) the flow breaks and the bot responds erratically (doesn’t always ask for the additional info, doesn’t always use it in order to determine the right action etc). This seems to be exacerbated when there is more than one user interacting with the bot on the server.

Has anyone had this issue before?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Ana

Could you run the bot in debug mode on both the server and the local machine and post the logs here?