Get user input from the user if conversation is paused

How get user input from the user if conversation is paused? How Can I stop bot and send messages from user to my rest api or socket?

    def name(self):
        return "action_talk_to_human"

    def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        response = "Reaching out to a human agent [{}]...".format(tracker.sender_id)

		seems like rasa will stop listening once conversation
		is paused, which means no actions are attempted, therefore
		preventing triggering ConversationResumed() in a straightforward way.
        message = ""
        while message != "/unpause":
            last_msg = tracker.latest_message.get('text');
            url = "http://localhost:8001/api/test/from/rasa/{}/{}".format(tracker.sender_id, last_msg)
            req = requests.get(url)
            resp = json.loads(req.text)
            if "error" in resp:
                raise Exception("Error fetching message: " + repr(resp["error"]))
            message = resp["message"]
            if message != "/unpause":
                dispatcher.utter_message("Human agent: {}".format(message))


Hi @mmuserdev, you can send a request to this endpoint to unpause the conversation after the human agent interaction has finished. Alternatively, you can offer the user a /restart button that would restart and resume the conversation