Generating Tickets Id For Customers

Hi this is murtuza kantawala i am making a chatbot for my company for loan processing i want that when a particular customer arrives on chatbot we want to generate Ticket ID if he is new but if he had visited earlier so he must be having the Ticket ID so he can enter that id and can access the deatils how to do that in Rasa X please help me out with that

You can’t do that in Rasa X. You have to do it in your own application (your customers are not supposed to use Rasa X anyway!).

If your application has a way to authenticate the user, it is out of scope of Rasa and is related to your frontend.

If there is no way to identify the user, you can ask the user if they already have a ticket. If yes, you ask for the ticket ID*. If not, you generate one**.

* You will need to have a database to check if it the ticket ID the user entered is correct. Or, if you can authenticate your users via a unique username for example, you can generate the ticket ID based on a hash of their username then when entered, check if it is valid. Inside a Custom Action, you can get the username/user ID with tracker.sender_id.

** You can generate the ticket ID based on a hash of the user’s username or other authentication method, a UUID, a counter, or anything that makes sense and is unique to each user.