Chatbot for user identification


I am trying to built a RASA chatbot that identifies the customer. The customer is asked to tell his name, birthday, customer ID and some other personal information. The chatbot is going to catch every information and returns a small summary at the end. That’s it!

Following questions:

  1. Is there some tutorial about this use case already
  2. How do I catch information’s like name and customer ID? Do I have to use slots?
  3. Do you have any general suggestions to approach this kind of use case?

Hope you can help me with that.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You could use Form Actions for this case. Name, customer ID, birthday etc would be the required slots. For names you can use the spacy’s PERSON entity, or have a lookup table of the names. For customer ID, use regex to capture the IDs and birthday’s use spacy’s DATE or ner_duckling. After that you the information in the slots to query your database and fetch the summary for the customer.