Force train model in Rasa X

Hi, when I change my policies in Rasa X and hit Train Model, it will skip training because it thinks nothing has changed. Is there any possibility to force training? I tried to run rasa train --force but since I deployed Rasa (X) using Docker Compose Quick Install I don’t exactly know where to run this command.

Hi @leondroidgeeks,

I think this is actually a bug! It’s a known issue right now that if model training fails, it accidentally shows the “Nothing has changed” modal instead of the model training failed one. So I would first check your logs (docker-compose logs rasa-worker) to see if something went wrong during training!

There is a force parameter to the API call to train but it requires opening up the rasa-worker to external calls if you want to call it. I’d look into any errors in your training logs first.

Sorry for the confusion! :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you very much for the explanation! Next time it happens I will look into the logs