Fetch conversations return different JSON format than in the Doc


I am trying to do delete some of the conversations in the Rasa X, just like this thread’s OP since it’s too heavy to load in the browser. I tried to call the Rasa X API by these lines of code:

end = datetime.timestamp(datetime.now())
start = datetime.timestamp(datetime(2020, 7, 31))
param = f'/conversations?environment=production&start={start}&until={end}'
headers = {'Authorization': f'Bearer {tok.json().get("access_token")}'}
req = requests.get(url + param, headers=headers)
conv = req.json()

However, the json data that I received is different from the one mentioned here: Rasa X HTTP API, but the JSON format mentioned in the legacy document here Conversations API. So I received a list of sender_id instead of conversation_id from the API url.

I already upgraded Rasa X to the latest version which is 0.31.5 but the result is still the same. Anyone can help? Thanks

Hey @tomgun132,

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like we had an issue with this API documentation update, we will be updating it to match the correct format.

Until then, here is an example of what the response should look like:

    "sender_id": "xxxxxx",
    "sender_name": "xxxxxx",
    "latest_event_time": 0000000,
    "latest_input_channel": "rasa",
    "intents": [],
    "actions": [],
    "minimum_action_confidence": null,
    "maximum_action_confidence": null,
    "minimum_intent_confidence": null,
    "maximum_intent_confidence": null,
    "in_training_data": true,
    "review_status": "unread",
    "policies": [],
    "n_user_messages": 0,
    "has_flagged_messages": false,
    "corrected_messages": [],
    "interactive": true,
    "tags": [],
    "created_by": "me"

Hello @mjaycub, Thank you for answering.

I see that the correct format is the one that you mentioned. However, if I want to achieve what I wanted to do as in my original post, is there any way to do that? Or is there any solution to the long loading times (to the point it makes the chrome tab unresponsive) in the Rasa X GUI as my tracker store has a very large history for a day.