Gettings a list of all conversations via http in rasa 1.0


I just upgrade from rasa-core 0.x to rasa 1.0 and most things worked fine. In one of my scripts I was getting a list of conversations via the http api endpoint “/conversations”. This endpoint seems to be not available anymore, is that correct? Is there any alternative way to get a list of all conversations? My use case is to get the tracker info of all conversations in rasa, so I query the IDs first and then for each ID I retrieve the tracker from “/conversations/{conversation_id}/tracker”.

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Yes, the endpoint /conversations was removed and there is currently no alternative to query for the complete list of conversations via the API in Rasa. You need to know the conversation id in order to retrieve more information about it. In Rasa X we store the conversation ids in a database. Is that also an option for you?

Well, I plan to use Rasa X, but as far as I understood the DB of Rasa X will only contain the conversation that happened there, not the conversations via the API… Or am I wrong? How would I get the conversations from the Rasa X DB?

Another thought: if I have to access a DB anyway I could also get the conversation IDs directly from the tracker store DB, I guess.

Yes, you are right. Rasa X stores only the conversation happening within Rasa X in its own DB. To obtain those have a look at the HTTP API.

Yes, if you use, for example, a SQL tracker store, you could query the DB to get the list of conversations.

Ok thanks, I will use the tracker store DB for now.

I am only getting started, but as I work through the API and logistics for my use-case, I came across this post. It feels kinda silly that we can’t make a call to the API and query our active conversations.

Yes, this is potential scope creep on this chain, but setting a timeout for a conversation, and then being able to lookup active conversations via the API would make things a heck of a lot easier IMHO. Current state is two sets of code versus business logic built right into the domain or another config file.

Just my ten cents, and the only reason I can add to this question is because I am really jamming along now with the 1.0 + workflow that you enabled.


ok.let’s go …