HTTP-API: Post list of Conversations

I would really appreciate an option on http-api to post a list of conversations, with intent, entity and accuracy to be able to annotated on Rasa X.

Hi @TuKSan! Thanks for sharing your feedback. Would you be able to give an example of a use case where this would be useful / what do you think developers would use this for?

In my case, i would like to bring the conversations history from dialogflow to be annotated in RASA X.

@TuKSan I have noted your feedback about being able to bulk upload conversations into Rasa X.

I am guessing you have found these already, but there is a method that allows you to bulk upload NLU training data here and a method that allows you to add a message to a conversation here. You could use these two to get pretty close for now.

I am not sure how far you are with migrating from Dialogflow, but you will want to follow this guide, if you have not already, that shows you how to migrate your application built with Google Dialogflow to Rasa in our docs here. Then, you can use the migration script linked in this blog post here to get the Rasa tracker store into Rasa X

Yes, I founded, but thank you for point it out. I’ll be looking forward for updates on API to have a bulk upload conversations into Rasa X. Regards.

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