Delete a conversation log with its sender_id

Hi, Is there any way to delete a conversation log from the database based on its sender_id? Thanks

@zamaniali1995 If you are saving the conversation in databases such as SQL or Postgres, you can you SQL queries to delete the specific conversation. If you are experimenting please elaborate more.

Look at the Rasa X HTTP API, especially Delete conversation with specified ID.

You send a DELETE request to https://api/conversations/{conversation_id} with body {"conversation_id": "example"}.

@ChrisRahme Chris for deleting the specific conversation one needs to have Specific ID ( means he need to look the --debug mode to see the ID in ROS) and the then delete for the same? It will delete from the database? or the default SQL lite ? Or this is process Specific for Rasa X only ? me confused :thinking:

Yes, but to query the database using your method you also need to ID no?

Anyway you can get the ID from the debug as you said, but also from Rasa X, or from a front-end application which surely knows its own ID (otherwise how is it sending the messages via REST?).

It will delete the conversation from the tracker store.

You need to start https://api/conversations/{conversation_id}