Fail to run train_init

hey this the code from future import absolute_import from future import division from future import unicode_literals

from rasa_core.actions import Action from import SlotSet

class ActionWeather(Action):

def name(self):
    return 'action_weather'
def run(self,dispatcher,tracker,domain):
    from apixu.client import ApixuClient

api_key = *********************************** client = ApixuClient(api_key) loc = tracker.get_slot(‘location’) current = client.getcurrent(q=loc)

    country = current['location']['country']
    city = current['location']['name']
    condition = current['current']['condition']['text']
    temperature_c = current['current']['temp_c']
    humidity = current['current']['humidity']
    wind_mph = current['current']['wind_mph']

    response = """It is currently {} in {} at the moment. 
                  The temperature is {} degrees, the humidity is {}% and the wind speed is {} mph.""".format(condition, city, temperature_c, humidity, wind_mph)
    return [SlotSet('location',loc)]

issue 1 : no client.getcurrent member issue 2: unused variable country

Hi @hajoura. The weatherbot example you are using is a bit outdated now. I will make sure to run updated by the end of this week. Just to check beforehand - which Rasa version are you using?

thank you rasa-core-sdk==0.11.0 rasa_core==0.11.1 0. rasa-nlu==0.13.2