"tracker.get_slot" output None

tracker.get_slot cann’t output values of entity. How make it works?

import logging from rasa_core_sdk import Action from rasa_core_sdk.events import SlotSet, UserUtteranceReverted,
ConversationPaused from apixu.client import ApixuClient, ApixuException

logger = logging.getLogger(name)

class ActionWeather(Action): def name(self): return ‘action_weather’

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
    #from apixu.client import ApixuClient
    api_key = 'xxx211'  # your apixu key
    client = ApixuClient(api_key)

    loc = tracker.get_slot('location')
    current = client.getCurrentWeather(q=loc)

    country = current['location']['country']
    city = current['location']['name']
    condition = current['current']['condition']['text']
    temperature_c = current['current']['temp_c']
    humidity = current['current']['humidity']
    wind_mph = current['current']['wind_mph']

    response = """It is currently {} in {} at the moment. The temperature is {} degrees, the humidity is {}% and the wind speed is {} mph.""".format(
        condition, city, temperature_c, humidity, wind_mph)

    return [SlotSet('location', loc)]

@desims I see a familiar weatherbot example here! :slight_smile: Does it happen for generic examples like ‘What’s the weather in London?’ The most probable reason why your slot doesn’t return the value is because the entity wasn’t extracted correctly. The weatherbot tutorial has tiny amount of training examples and it’s likely that the bot will make mistakes when extracting entities. I would suggest you addig more training data to nlu examples.

Hi @Juste ! We have a similar problem with our bot. I post the error here : Slot - #3 by NathalieFouet

And when I try online.py, the error is :

? The bot wants to run ‘utter_greet’, correct? Yes ERROR:rasa_core.server:Can not access action ‘None’, as that name is not a registered action for this domain. Available actions are: - action_listen - action_restart - action_default_fallback - action_deactivate_form - utter_greet - utter_goodbye - utter_ask_room - utter_ask_day - utter_ask_hour_start - utter_ask_duration - action_room

Thanks :smile:

Hey @NathalieFouet. Just a quick check - which Rasa NLU and Core versions are you using?

Hi @Juste :slight_smile:

We have : rasa-core==0.12.0 rasa-nlu==0.13.7