Unable to fetch weather details as per your video

Hi Juste, First of all I would like to thank you and team Rasa for this great initiative and support to the millions of Bot enthusiasts. I am following your video: YouTube Installed rasa and rasa x on my laptop and able to ask ME: “how’s the weather?” Bot: “in what location?” ME: “London” Bot: “in what location?”

This keep on in loop even after using the action weather class Actionweather (Action): in actions.py. I realized that the Apixu is now weatherstack, so has some thing changed? how to call an external API from the actions? My usecase is similar to this. rasa run actions (started in terminal 1) rasa x --endpoints endpoint.yml (started in terminal 2) Please help. Warm Regards,

Just a heads-up: Youtube videos about Rasa are usually old - the one you linked is over 1 year old - and Rasa goes through heavy development and a lot of changes in a year. So most videos you can find will show you things what used to work like that but no longer work that way. I had to find this out the hard way too.

Thanks Gabor, But I m unable to understand what is “apixu.client” and “ApixuClient”… Are these some fundtions / classed that Rasa has made?

How do I access a custom API from the actions.py? any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

This video also isn’t officially from Rasa either our official youtube channel is also at YouTube and we have started the Masterclass which I highly recommend as well since they are all related to the new Rasa X platform.

The first 2 videos have been released and can be found under YouTube

Hope that helps as well