Exit a form and trigger User Uttered

if lastIntent_confidence >= 0.85:
                        # dispatcher.utter_message('Form exited')
                        #reset all slots and deactivate form
                        return {'fromDate':None,'toDate':None,'lvType':None,'leave_reason':None,'is_first_half':None,'is_second_half':None,'half_day_detected':None,'is_planned':None,'num_days':None,'requested_slot':None} 

This is my code inside a slot validation, i want to deactivate the form and trigger what user has typed as input and run story for that intent.

for example: if I am searching for a restaurant then bot asks me my location(form is triggered) and I type “I am not well”, so the current form should deactivate, all slots should clear and intent for I am not well should run

Any input is valued

The financial-demo has examples similar to this here.