Trigger default actions from form validation rasa 2

Hi, I am using rasa 2.8 I want to trigger actions like UserUttered or ActionExecuted from form validation

class ValidateApplyLeavesForm(FormValidationAction):
    def name(self):
        return "validate_apply_leave_form"

    def validate_fromDate(self, slot_value: Any, dispatcher,tracker,domain):
        #change intent based on last msg or exit keyword
        lastMsg = tracker.latest_message['text']
        lastIntent = tracker.latest_message['intent']['name']
        lastIntent_confidence = tracker.latest_message['intent']['confidence']

        if lastIntent != 'apply_leave':
            if lastMsg.lower() == 'exit':
                dispatcher.utter_message('Form exited')
                #reset all slots and deactivate form
                return {'fromDate':None,'toDate':None,'lvType':None,'leave_reason':None,'is_first_half':None,'is_second_half':None,'half_day_detected':None,'is_planned':None,'num_days':None,'requested_slot':None} 

like I deactivated this form from validation, can I also trigger UserUttered and ActionExecuted in same way?

You can set some special slot, and then write a story that triggers an action when that slot is set from the form.

This action will itself call the events you desire (and reset that special slot).

How do I trigger an action when a slot is set?

As I said, from a story :slight_smile:

Read about Slot Events.