Deactivate the form in middle of Form Validation when an intent is triggered

Hey geniuses out there, I came across a problem and wondering if that could be solved. I have a form called ‘registration_form’, which takes necessary signup details from a user. All the slots in the form are of text type and their mapping comes from the condition of active_loop : registration_form. Check out this domain file. domain.yml (5.9 KB)

Now since I was doing well with all of this, a requirement popped up and now we want to deactivate the form if lets say user type ‘/exit’ , so when a slot is being validated and it detects ‘/exit’ in the text, the form must be deactivated and it should come to the starting point by uttering the greet message.

I was successful in deactivating the form, but I suspect the issue was caused either by influence_conversation: true/flase or the mapping condition in the slot that is active_loop:registration_form followed by requested_slot:<slot_name>. It gave me this UserWarning: Cannot validate email: make sure the validation method returns the correct output. message in the action-server terminal and then continued asking the following slot.

Also when I tried to add a rule or a story basically indication that if quit_form slot is set to be true, action ‘action_deactivate_loop’ will be triggered and active_loop will be set to null. But while training, rasa said that the rules are contradicting, registration_form wants to listen and the rule is triggering action_deactivate_loop. here is my rule and story files rules.yml (1.2 KB) stories.yml (2.3 KB)

Here is my actions file, (12.5 KB) you can check from line 79-86 , basically what I tired to do but unfortunately did not work.

Will be glad to be answered. THANKS.