Executing more than 10 actions in a story

rasa-core 0.13.7 rasa-core-sdk 0.12.2 rasa-nlu 0.14.6

Python version : 3.6.6

Operating system (windows, osx, …): OSX

Issue : I want to execute more than 10 actions for an intent in a story, is there a way to do this without introducing action_listen?

Not really. This is done to end any loops that might occur if there’s an error in your stories. You may be able to remove that manually but that’s not good practice.

Is there any way for your bot to condense the 10 actions to less than that? Users usually don’t like an overload of information anyways.

Actually my story has actions which are not all informative for user. An example of such an action is one that introduces delay in sending the response to the user. I might want to introduce this action multiple times for an intent in a story. One way could be to make this number configurable by using an argument.

wouldn’t this be better handled in your front-end application?

Yes, definitely there are work arounds like these that would work. I just mentioned it as an example.