Can't we call multiple actions against single intent in a story?

Right now i have this story

Generated Story 89334267679325026

  • out_of_scope
    • action_default_fallback
    • utter_ask_continue

Bot always predicts the action_listen as my next action instead of utter_ask_continue, but i want the bot to call utter_ask_continue instead of action_listen. Also this story gets failed when i evaluate it. Any solutions would be highly appreciated . And also any benefits of creating stories using interactive learning over creating them manually.? Thanks.

action_default_fallback shouldn’t be in your stories – it’s there for when your bot doesn’t know what to do, you don’t want to train on it. I would recommend replacing this action with a new utterance like utter_out_of_scope. Then you should be able to move right into utter_ask_continue.

Great, i have already resolved it though. It would be very nice if the community would answer to the questions a bit earlier. Just a request/suggestion, as it saves alot of time. Thanks btw.

Yes, I’m surprised no community members answered this, to be honest. We Rasas try to get to all of the ones that slipped through the cracks without responses, but we’ve been very busy with the product release happening today. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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