Question for the design of multiple utterance or actions

Hi, there! In the Rasa’s file “”, can I have multiple defines for utter or actions.

For example: (please find the attached file for “”)



-action_to_do_something_001 -utter_ask_for_you_something_002 -action_to_do_something_002 -utter_ask_for_you_something_003 -action_to_do_something_003 -utter_ask_for_you_something_004 -action_to_do_something_004

PS: In the above, I must have my custom design for these actions. Thanks a (277 Bytes)

hi @cstsai - thanks for your post. Unfortunately I’m not quite sure: what is your question?

fyi you can make your stories more readable by wrapping them in triple quotes “```”

Ok. My problem is : For one intent, does it always to be follow just one action(or utter)? Or, it can follow so many actions(or called utter)? For example in above attached file (, my intent name is called greet, and I set 4 utterances and 4 actions, can it to be work in my case? By the way, Can Rasa still to have a good hit ratio for these actions in the Rasa’s defined KerasPolicy? This is very import for me, because I must have a design for our chatterbot product(actually, in our each intent case, we may have some things to be done, so it must has some actions within just an intent case.). thanks a lot.