Taking care of different combinations of stories in Rasa


We are developing an FAQ bot with more than 15 intents. And we are have issues in developing all the combination for the intents in the Stories. There will be huge number of combinations. How to write stories which will handle all the combination of these intents (more than 15). Is there a way to take care of this issue. @akelad @tmbo. Kindly help. Thanks & Regards, Surya

Rasa automatically glues your stories together to form longer ones. See: Training and Policies

So if you choose your ‘substories’ wisely and maybe tweek the Data Augmentation and MaxHistory parameters a bit you should be able to solve your problem without handcrafting all combinations.

I didn’t use that feature extensively yet, but I guess you should focus on building small and mostly self contained stories. Then Rasa should be fine switching between them. If you really need to share context between certain stories, use form actions whenever possible to avoid re requesting already known information.

@mauricedoepke thanks for the great recommendation :smiley: @surya7592 another thing you can try is using a custom action to return the utterances, and then writing stories with OR statements. Like in our demobot Sara: https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasa-demo/blob/master/data/core/faqs.md#faqs