Every time I run “rasa shell” , it runs as if I type “rasa shell nlu” . I am trying to run “rasa shell” normally but it opens the detailed confidence information etc

Core training was skipped because no valid domain file was found. Only an NLU-model was created. Please specify a valid domain using the ‘–domain’ argument or check if the provided domain file exists.domain.yml (18.4 KB)

When you run rasa init the domain.yml file is located in your project’s root directory.

Assuming you did not modify your project’s directory structure with respect to the location of domain.yml, running rasa train from your project’s root directory will train the Core model as well.

If you did move domain.yml to somewhere else, then you should execute:

rasa train --domain <path/to/domain.yml>

Also, I think there’s a mistake in the domain.yml you attached. In the forms section:


type text is not a valid slot mapping for forms. Did you mean from_entity instead? Details of other slot mappings for forms is here.

Lastly, before running training you should validate the content of domain.yml with:

rasa data validate --domain <path/to/domain.yml>

domain.yml (2.3 KB)

whats mistake in this file?