Error while training an initial model: Illegal instruction (core dumped)

Hello Rasa community,

after a fresh installation I get an error while trying to train the model Illegal instruction (core dumped). Here’re the infos:

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Rasa Version: 2.6.1
  • Python Version: 3.8.5
  • Tensorflow: 2.5.0

I read it might be tensorflow’s issue and I should downgrade it, but then I receive a conflict with Rasa. What should I do next in this case? Install old versions of all the components? Where can I find a correct compatibility table if such exists? Is there someone who has installed Rasa recently and could share experience?

Thanks in advance!

Just to confirm, are you running on a new M1 mac?

No, for Rasa I have created an Ubuntu 18.04 Live Server(amd64) using Proxmox. The lscpu command outputs the following:

What conflict with Rasa do you see? Could you share the output when you try to install tensorflow==2.3?

I haven’t installed this specific version of tensorflow, neither I have built it from source. Obviously 2.3 is automatically installed with the newest rasa releases.

I see. In the original post you had said you were on tensorflow==2.5.0, which is why I was confused.

Looks like an issue with the CPU. See here for the hardware requirements of tensorflow 1.6 and above.

Yes, sorry. I have tried several tensorflow versions and received these errors:

  • tf v2.5.0 + rasa v2.6.1 - Illegal instruction (core dumped)
  • tf v2.3.2 + rasa v2.6.1 - Illegal instruction (core dumped)
  • tf v1.15 + rasa v1.7.4 - pip._vendor.resolvelib.resolvers.ResolutionTooDeep: 2000000 (when running pip install rasa==1.7.4)

Thank you for the link. If you’re mentioning tensorflow v1.6: What version of rasa is required? There is unfortunately no information on that.

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No worries! I checked and it looks like rasa==1.7.4 is the last version compatible with your hardware.

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