Ask question if entity not fulfilled otherwise don't

I am unable to figure out a way to use rasa_slots for this purpose, Can anyone give any example, the default example given doesn’t work on rasa documentation page.


need story/rule which ignores if an entity is passed in the sentence otherwise asks a question for that


user: i want to eat pizza
bot: okay sure

user: i want to eat
bot: what do you want to eat?
user: pizza
bot: okay sure

Rasa Form Bot Example also not working

i am looking for a restaurant

All done! I am going to run a restaurant search using the following parameters:

  • cuisine: None
  • num_people: None
  • outdoor_seating: None
  • preferences: None
  • feedback: None

Thanks in advance.

I think this is a typical case for a simple form. The form is for “eating” and expects the user to clarify what they want to eat. If the user does not provide the entity, the bot utters something and the user has to provide the asked entity. I suggest you check forms in the documentation.

@ScienceGuy, The forms work only when actions server is running, But I want a simple path without using any actions code