Combine intent with entities and forms

Hello Team. I’m trying to model the following interaction:

  • A user wants to get recommendations. There are two possibilities here:
  1. The user just says something like “I want to get recommendations” without any additional information. For this case, I have an intent that gets triggered and based on this I collect the information via a form and then call a custom action.
  2. The user says “I want to get {X} recommendations”, where “X” is the only entity I need to process this.

How can I model such duality of things? Do I need to have different intents? One in where the entity is not present and the other one where it is?.

Let me know!.

This is a common use case for Rasa forms. You can see an example in the financial-demo with the pay_cc intent. In that example, sometimes the user gives their credit card name and sometimes they don’t.

Either way, this form is invoked and it will prompt for the name if it wasn’t provided.