Earn Developer Badge

@tuhinssam yes if you complete the course, you should have a message in this inbox regarding the next steps for your Rasa certificate. Is it not the case?

Hi, @Emma I just finished the developer certificate exam on udemy. Waiting for rasa certification badge. thanks


Hi @Emma,

I am waiting for my rasa certification badge and swag https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-636a6513-c44f-4899-81c8-5c5580526434/

Kind regards, Aymen,

Hi @Emma ,

I have received my advanced certificate from Rasa.
Can I ask you to add the badge please.

Hi @Emma ,Thank you Rasa and Udemy and valuable Instructors, #ai #kubernetes #github #thankyou #datascience #project #deeplearning #artificialintelligence #training #pipeline #production #devops I just completed the Rasa deployment on kubernetes platform with GitHub actions ci/cd pipeline on my gcp vm it was an awesome practical journey pure rasa AI chatbot deployment course :grinning::partying_face::+1::partying_face: my certificate has arrived now :+1: hurray!!! we have Rasa x and I connected GitHub Rasa code with GitHub actions embedded with Rasa x, deployed on gcp kubernetes cluster env , do changes commit to GitHub via Rasa x , triggered ci/cd , merge the request and then train on Rasa x make active model on Rasa x and then the active model will automatically deployed to production env running in kubernetes cluster env :+1:Amir Khan - Advanced Deployment Rasa Certificate.pdf (72.8 KB)

Hi @Emma haven’t heard from you, please check my badge.

Thank you

badges updated folks, congratulations on your achievements!! :trophy: :rocket:

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Hello Emma, I just received my developer certificate for completing the Udemy course. Soon I’ll be taking the deployment exam :smile: Waiting for rasa certification badge :blush: emna barred - Rasa Developer Certificate.pdf (98.3 KB)


I got my advanced rasa certificate after the rasa summit but no badge yet. Credential ID 8WS B9H UEK

Hey @Emma I received my certification and badge can you added to my profile plz ? my certification id is HMJ 44H 303 thank you

I’d love to complete the Certification, but since it is, according to the instructor comments in Udemy, “weeks away” from a major update to the 2.x version of Rasa, I thinking I should hold off and learn 2.0. I went through the “Rasa for Beginners” course, which was solid, but also Rasa 1 version.

Note that there is a Rasa 2.x version of the same material in Github (RasaHQ), but the lesson uses the older markdown format, and form syntax. Which is confusing when using Rasa 2.x. (GitHub - RasaHQ/rasa-for-beginners: Rasa for Beginners )

Looking forward to some ETA on the 2.x Version of the Certification Course :slight_smile: :+1:

Hi @Emma, I received my Advanced Custom Actions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YjTZ65Rev9p9IsYda81AKlqkosn6KORB/view and Advance deployment Certificates https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RjuzyNjS91xLrLGqJ8gzNp-Z757fP1e1/view,

can you add a certification badge to my profile?

Heya! @Emma. I have successfully completed and received my certificate of Certified Advanced Developer. If you got time please do add the badge and title to my profile! Certificate ID : UPR OQ5 KML


Hi @Emma , I got my Udemy certificate on May 31st. I haven’t received any mail from Rasa after completing the Udemy course. Could you please grant me the badge? A Rasa T-shirt would be nice too :slight_smile:

hi @Emma ,

I have received my developer certification from rasa. can you provide me the badge.


Hi @Emma Same for me :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s the link: CDI Academy Thank you in advance :heart:

Hi @Emma I did not receive any email to link certificate to my profile. [Official] Rasa Certification Workshop.pdf (191.3 KB) Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop.pdf (238.1 KB)

Thank you.

@bharath-madduri Did you checked your Udmey inbox? if not please asked Udemy why you didn’t received any email after completing rasa course, when you get that link then you need to fill the details and then rasa team will get to know.

By any chance is this the link Rasa Certified Developer Swag you are referring to? If so, I have filled the details long back.