Don't have etc/rasa folder

Hello I have simple bot and it works in terminal mode.I’d like to share it with real users and to do it i tried to run rasa x. I run these two commands curl -sSL -o AND sudo bash ./ but I don’t have etc/rasa folder so I can’t run docker.Please help!


You should use the latest version:

curl -sSL -o

I assume you did a rasa init to initialize the project but you should make sure your project folder is layed out in the standard format.

Your project root does not have to be /etc/rasa. You can specify an alternate directory and then run the install:

export RASA_HOME=~/rasa/dir
sudo -E bash ./  # -E will preserve the environment variable you set

Thanks for response @stephens and sorry for my late reply!But I still have issue with installing rasa x.It shows me error(in photo


It looks like you didn’t respond with YES or return to the license agreement.