Domain Inconsistencies

We are working with RasaX 0.33.2 (Rasa 2.0.2 and SDK2) and, getting the following error messages on the domain page in RasaX:

We couldn’t track any corresponding errors on terminal (local run) and on server (sudo docker-compose logs).

How can we debug this issue and come up with a valid domain file?

Thanks ahead,
Newt Team

@sgino209 you just have to declare on your domain.yml file. That should look something like this:

version: "2.0"


  - body_part

    type: text
    influence_conversation: false
    type: any
    influence_conversation: false
    type: any
    influence_conversation: false


  - validate_profile_form

Check out Rasa docs about Domain file.

Retrain your model and test again.

Hope it helps :smiley:

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your quick reply.

We are following this format, and also checked out the URL guide you’ve mentioned.
Any attempt to modify the Domain file ends up with the following error:

We don’t understand what the problem is and how to debug it.

Attached are the corresponding files we’re using.
Thanks ahead for your support. (25.5 KB)

Newt Team

@sgino209, I noticed that you’re using FormPolicy on your config.yml file. But, you declared version “2.0” on your domain file. Which Rasa version are you building your assistant? If it is Rasa 2.x higher, consider changing to RulePolicy.

I’ve used YAML Validator with your domain.yml, seens okay.

Try to use this command:

rasa data validate

It validates your domain.yml and data files to check for possible mistakes.

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your quick reply.
We have followed your advice and changed the FormPolicy into RulePolicy.
We ran the data-validation command, but couldn’t track any error there.
The Domain page on Rasa-X keeps alerting on 11 inconsistencies (1 entity, 1 validate_profile_form and 9 slots).
All of the Rasa-X suggestions for resolving these inconsistencies, are not-clickable in practice (we click on the suggestions, but nothing happens).
Is there a chance you could try reproducing this behavior by loading the files we’ve attached (even just loading them to RasaX, without really training)?

Thanks ahead,
Newt Team

@sgino209, I’d change direct on the project this case to fix this inconsistencies and check if the assistant runs normal. Have you tried to do this? Do you have your project on github? It seens to be a easy thing to fix.

Hi Marcos,

Thanks once again for your quick response, we truly appreciate it.

Our project is available on Git at this link.

RasaX domain is deployed with docker on EC2 at this link.
You may log into RasaX with password of q1w2e3r4 (we will change it later on…), and see the inconsistencies alert on the Domain page.

Thanks ahead,
Newt Team

@sgino209, did you migrate to Rasa 2.x version already? I noticed that you’re running your assistant on version “rasa==1.5.3”. You can found even on Dockerfile and requirements.txt file. You not only have to change some files as you did, but also update Rasa version in order to upgrade your assistant to Rasa 2.x version.

Hi Marcos,

Yes, sorry, the docker files on git were stale, and we’ve just updated them with the “real” docker files, as applied in-practice on our EC2 machine.

We’re still observing the inconsistencies alert on the Domain page, and will appreciate your support.

Thanks ahead, Newt Team