Does Mapping Actions add to tracker and need UserUtteranceReverted() in custom actions

If I create custom actions that are triggered to via mapping, do I need to return UserUtteranceReverted() as we do in custom fallbacks, because in custom fallbacks the event is added to the tracker and the custom fallback action is not in our stories so we need to revert back one step, is this the sam case with mapping, or does mapping automatically do UserUtteranceReverted()

Hi Don! Good question. We actually just updated the docs to make this more clear, but they won’t be deployed until the next minor release. Currently, custom actions that are triggered via mapping do not return UserUtteranceReverted(), so you’ll have to add that to your action. In addition, at the moment, if you want a maping to a bot utterance (utter_) to be reverted, you’ll have to write a little custom action to do it. In the future this will be easier to configure.

More info here: How to create a partially rule-based conversation within a chat dialogue