Disable rewind in Fallback - Rasa X

Hello @stephens ,

I am trying to write a fallback action server that doesn’t include “UserUtteranceReverted()”. So basically I’m trying to handle fallback to respond to generic conversations. So I want fallback to be a part of the conversation and story just like any other intent.

So if you look at the above screenshot, you can see how the user message gets reverted.

Can you please tell me if there is anything else that I need to handle apart from removing UserUtteranceReverted() return []?

Can you provide more details on your use case? Example dialog?

Have you included action_default_fallback in your domain? Can you see that it is actually getting run in your action server? If you have an utter_default defined, it could be that it’s still using the default action_default_fallback and not your custom defined one.


Yes I have included action_default_fallback in my domain @mloubser. I do not have any utter_default response. That is correct my action_default_fallback is a docker and i’m also getting the response from there. But as soon as I get a response from my action server the input message disappears. However I have other action functions defined and they all work fine. So was curious to understand what exactly is happening here.